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Unto all Unbelted (no Knights allowed this time) Chivalric Fighters,
We of the Chirurgeonate & Water-Bearers Guild of the Stellar Kingdom of 
Ansteorra are holding our 1st Chirurgeon & Water-Bearers Champion List at our 
Kingdom's glorious Argent Anniversary on the evening of Thursday the 8th of 
July A.S. XXVIII (2004).
It is to be a torch light tourney starting at 9pm. 
Rules are as follows:
1) Unbelted (no Knights)
2) Single elimination
3) Shield + any weapon other than swords (no swords)
4) Fighters must be sponsored by a chirurgeon or water-bearer & have a favor 
from that chirurgeon or water-bearer.
5) The sponssponsoringurgeon or water-bearer must pay an entry fee for the 
fighter in the form of one item of largess to the list mistress.
6)one fighter per chirurgeon or water-bearer (and no you can not sposponsoro 
fighters if you are both a chirurgeon & water-bearer).
7) SpSponsoringhirurgeon or water-bearer need not be present for their fighter 
to enter. the chirurgeon or water-bearer just needs to send a letter of 
sponsorship along with the favor & entry fee to the event.
So fighter start looking for a sponsor and chirurgeons & water-bearers start 
looking for a fighter to sponsor!!
And lets have a good time!
Feel free to forward this any SCA lists you maybe on.

In Service always, to the 
Chirurgeonate, Kingdom, & the Dream,

Herr Arkell vom Cophus
Kingdom Chirurgeon 
Stellar Kingdom of Ansteorra
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