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Sun May 23 11:21:26 PDT 2004

Subject:  The Baron's Boast of Hunters (hunting guild)
> For anyone interested in joining this guild, feel free to send a
> subscription request to TheBoast-requests at drum.org.  You may also pass
> along this e-mail to whatever group you think might have interested
> members.
> This e-mail is for anyone feeling an interest in joining a group of
> looking to find out more about Medieval hunting practices.
> Technically there would not of been a "hunters guild" so we're going
> calling this 'guild' (as the SCA often thinks of it) "The Baron's
Boast of
> Hunters".  To subscribe, or unsubscribe to thils list
"TheBoast at drum.org"
> or change subscription information e-mail
"TheBoast-requests at drum.org".
> The Baron's Boast of Hunters is open to anyone interested in
> participating.  You need not be part of the barony of Carolingia.  I
> suspect a good bit of the activity will be some research and
> shared over e-mail.  I hope to have meetings (maybe every other month)
> however there will be no requirement to attend them.
> I'm still not exactly sure where this will wind up.  There have been
> requests to cover such topics as:
> Hunting practices:
>         archery
>         equestrian
>         falconry
>         fishing
>         spear
> Trapping
> Hounds
> Butchering
> Tanning hides
> Making vellum
> Fox hunting (equestrian specific)
> Legal issues within the SCA
> Hunting event
> I'm open to other ideas aswell.  "Hunting" is a HUGE range of possible
> activities that were a huge part of mideival society, and not
> enough in the society (IMHO) this I feel is partially due to a lack of
> knowledge and accessability to the subject.  (Atleast for me that's a
> bit of my resistance to having had it be a more active part of my
> persona.)  So my overal aim is to have more accurate information and a
> deeper understanding about hunting practices in medieval times, and to
> share some level of that with the populace.
> To address a concern brought up before about the group, there will be
> supprise actual hunting taking place.  To hunt (atleast in
> you need the proper licensing, the proper locations, at the proper
time of
> year.  You will not show up to a guild meeting and find yourself part
> an actual hunt taking place.  I would however, like this to be a venue
> people who are hunters and who want to put some practial experience
> experimenting with medieval techniques and ideas to be able to get
> together and do so, but this will never happen without it being
> stated ahead of time, and at this point atleast it will not be an
> SCA guild meeting, and people will have the mundane legal paperwork in
> order should some of us decide to go on an actual hunt.
> I'm also not confining the research and information tightly to any
> specific time period.  When people bring up comments, information or
> questions I suggest being specific about when (and often where) you
> talking about, and I'm open to modern techniques to be introduced in
> comparison or when of value to their medieval counterparts.  I really
> to encourage people to please let me know their thoughts and ideas!  I
> a licensed falconer, but I've never been part of a medieval hunting
> like this, and my knowledge of medieval hunting is thin at best!  So
> please speak up and share if/as you are able.
> Warmly,
> Ruadh
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