[Northkeep] Fw: [Ansteorra] Queen's Champion location

Rick Drake ainarm at cox.net
Sun May 23 14:33:15 PDT 2004

Well looks like we are going to be busy again.  Congratulations to the
Barony for their successfull bid.  Now we all just need to get with the
autocrats to see where we can help out.
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> Greetings unto the people of Ansteorra!
> Just a quick note to announce that the location of the next Queen's
> will be....The Barony of Northkeep!  The site for the event is lovely and
> are certain that a GREAT time will be had by all!  We thank the Barony of
> Northkeep for offering their time and efforts in hosting this event, and
> will be counting the moments until this grand day.
> In Service,
> Sibri,
> Princess
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