[Northkeep] OT: raw materials for beadwork, etc.

Robert Stewart skerritheviking at yahoo.com
Sat May 29 13:26:50 PDT 2004

There is another great place to get gems and minerals and beading supplies and such dirt cheap, cheaper than even at the Tulsa show.  I got the Rucson gem and mineral show, which happens just a few days before Esrella War.  Threason I know it is less expensive, is that my cousin has been to both.  Now, both are truly less than regular wholesale, but for some reason, the one down here is even less expensive, and I live 30-40 minutes from it, and I am going to it.  my cousin is coming down from An Tir ( Oregon ) to stay here and save 100$+ a night to go, so anyone interested can contact me to come down, stay here with us, and go to the show, then hit Estrella.  The hotel rates are normally around 30$, but they go up for the show.  There is another in September, by the way.  Down here, that is.  We have four acres, plus the house.  To get in this show, you do have to have some sort of proof that you have a business, like a liscence or business cards.  I do not recall the admission fee. 
 Anyone interested I strongly encourage to come down in September, or February for this.  This, of course, would fit in with Estrella.  I am 1 1/2 hours from Phoenix where the airport is, so I could pick you up, you could take the shuttle, or you could hop to the Tucson airport and I could pick you up.  If you come in September, my birthday is 9/16, Annis is 9/17, and our daughter is 8/23 ( Virgo alert ), so birthday present bribes are easily excepted, but not mandatory.  Considering I am Norse that's pretty gracious of me!!  Hahahehe.  was I the only one laughing?  Oh, I also have alot of books on beading, so if anyone wants references for good cheap books, regardless of what shows you hit, please let me know.  Remember, the international dealers go to these shows to sell below wholesale directly to you, so go!!!
I really miss weather.  We are having a cool day of only 90 degrees.  I am from Eagle River, Alaska originally.  No, this was not my idea, it was Annis's, and yes I still love her, and yes it was a good idea to move here.  Though, I do have 5 cases of soda and 2 gallons of water in the frige at this very moment.  Plus what is waiting to go in.  Am I rambling?
Back to topic, gem and mineral shows are the way to go!!  I hope to see you all at Estrella!!
And as always,


Lord Skerri Valtorsson
Barony of Tir Ysgithr
Kingdom of Atenveldt

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