[Northkeep] Just noting

Marc Carlson marccarlson20 at hotmail.com
Mon Oct 11 09:27:16 PDT 2004

I just finished writing up the "November" thing for the next Saga, and 
thought I'd mention that if any of you missed going to the Fair over the 
past couple of weeks that you missed out on one of the "medieval" things we 
have left in modern society.  Aside from the giant butter sculpture, and 
Midway, the competitions, displays of local industries, and so on are really 
worth the time to go, if you are wanting to appreciate the experience 
someone from the middle ages would have had, much less what your ancestors 
in the dark days before TV sucked away our social lives were used to.

Think of it as a mundane Pennisic, and you might get an idea of were it's 
coming from.  Anyway, *I* had a good time, and am sorry I missed the horse 
competitions this year.  OTOH, I  am starting to really enjoy some of the 
local wineries products :)


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