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Mon Oct 11 09:37:32 PDT 2004

I went and got to talk to the Clydesdale horses, including one whose name is
"Bud -- which I found very amusing. Marcus and I also got to pet and talk to
"Doc", the Dalmatian who travels with the Clydesdale horses. I know, us
petting Dalmatians-- what a surprise.

I also got to talk to and pet some of the pigs. ... Reminds me of a quote
attributed to Winston Churchill......"A dog looks up to you, a cat looks
down on you, but a pig... a pig treats you like an equal."

Lynn the Inquisitive

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> I just finished writing up the "November" thing for the next Saga, and
> thought I'd mention that if any of you missed going to the Fair over the
> past couple of weeks that you missed out on one of the "medieval" things
> have left in modern society.  Aside from the giant butter sculpture, and
> Midway, the competitions, displays of local industries, and so on are
> worth the time to go, if you are wanting to appreciate the experience
> someone from the middle ages would have had, much less what your ancestors
> in the dark days before TV sucked away our social lives were used to.
> Think of it as a mundane Pennisic, and you might get an idea of were it's
> coming from.  Anyway, *I* had a good time, and am sorry I missed the horse
> competitions this year.  OTOH, I  am starting to really enjoy some of the
> local wineries products :)
> M/D
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