[Northkeep] Seeking Info: Who is Northkeep?

Zubeydah zubeydah at northkeep.org
Sat Oct 30 07:19:59 PDT 2004

This may sound kinda wacky, but I'd like every member of the Barony (who is willing) to send me an OFF LIST email with the following information... I'm working on an on-line version of the Doomeday book (with Damon's permission)....

- your full SCA name (if registered or not)
- your device (if registered or not)
- your badge (if registered or not)
- any officer positions you've held and when
- any household affiliations or memberships
- any titles you've held (example: 4th Marksman of Northkeep, Bard of Rundel, Squire to Sir ..., Apprentice to Mistress ..., etc.)
- any awards you've been granted
- any major jobs you've done (Autocrat of xxx event, Feast Steward of xxx event, etc.)
- whether or not you'd like an email link on your name
- if you have a personal sca website you'd like linked to
- anything of note about your persona you'd like included....

-zubeydah, historical lore crazed web geek

post script: I never knew Kendra Kenmare or William Blackfox. If anyone would be willing to provide such information on them, that would be gratefully appreciated. 

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