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> Unto the Seneschals, Officers, Rapier Marshals and Landed Barons and 
> Baronesses
> of Fair Ansteorra, Does Master Ansgar von Aachen, Kingdom Rapier Marshal 
> bid
> Greetings!
> Over the past few years, there has been a rapid growth of Heavy Rapier in
> Ansteorra and the SCA in general.  This upcoming Gulf War will pit 
> Ansteorra
> against Heavy Rapier only kingdoms, so our valorous fighters will be 
> taking
> period rapiers in hand against our foes.  As Ansteorra has always strove 
> to be
> a leader in rapier with foil and epee, we also want to show that Ansteorra 
> can
> continue this leadership with Heavy Rapier.
> In pursuance of this goal, I am asking all local rapier marshals to train 
> those
> fighters who are not yet Heavy Rapier authorized so they are safe and 
> ready for
> authorization.  The regional marshals will be instructed to make sure that 
> any
> who need to be authorized will have access to a qualified authorizing 
> marshal.
> Additionally, I am requesting that groups with active rapier fighters add 
> one or
> more heavy rapiers to their loaner gear.  If your barony or shire can 
> afford
> it, please consider adding it to your budget.  For those who cannot afford 
> one,
> members of the White Scarves are working on raising funds to help cover 
> this
> expense.
> We have also worked out a deal that will allow Ansteorran branches to 
> purchase
> one or more Heavy Rapiers, ready to go, at a special discount.  This deal 
> is
> for branch loaner gear only, though, and not for personal purchase. 
> Please
> contact me for more information at bsmall at cox-internet.com.
> My friends, I thank you for your time and consideration.
> In Service to Ansteorra,
> Master Ansgar von Aachen
> Kingdom Rapier Marshal bsmall at cox-internet.com
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