[Northkeep] Help Wanted

Mark D. Conklin N7XYO n7xyo at arrl.net
Sat Dec 24 11:46:36 PST 2005

Norhtkeep Chirurgeon

After 4 years as your friendly neighborhood Norhtkeep Chirurgeon (First
Aid) it's time for a new face in this office. I will be retiring as
Northkeep’s Chirurgeon and will still be around to bug folks to drink
water, wear your floppy hats, use bug spray, and play safe.

Wonder what it takes to be a Chirurgeon? Check out the Ansteorra
Chirurgeon web site for info

Please present your application by the January populace to their
Excellencies, our Seneshal, and the Northern Regional Chirurgeon.

In Service,

Marcus Quietly

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