[Northkeep] The dark side...

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Mon Dec 5 20:11:46 PST 2005

That would be a Norse Apron. If nothing else I can draw one out for you at 
wInterkingdom, but I think if you search for one online you will find what 
you need. If you can't get a hold of any broaches, the big hand made safety 
pins look nice too. I think Crafty Celts sell the really thing but I am not 
sure about that. The ones I have we found at a Steppes 12th Night, I think. 
Good Luck. Ælfwyn

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>Subject: [Northkeep] The dark side...
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>Alright, I just bought some beautiful beaded thingies from Ld Skerri while
>he was here and now it seems I must make some garb to go with it... Can
>someone please point me in the direction of a pattern (and I use the term
>VERY loosely for this garb) for the dresses that Elizebetha and AElfwyn
>wear? I realize there are probably dozens of other people who wear them,
>too, but they are the ones I can think of right off-hand who actually have
>the large button/broachie things... oh yeah, suppose I need some of those
>large button/broachie thingies, too... Help, please?
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