[Northkeep] Re: Scrolls etc

Donna Hufford dhufford at earthlink.net
Mon Jan 10 11:29:05 PST 2005

Chris wrote:
> Once you have these basic supplies, show up at Siobhan's house in Sand
> Springs the 3rd Thursday of the month with the rest of us and Rosamund
> will let you choose as many scrolls to paint as you like.

What Chris is referring to is the monthly meeting of the Northkeep Scribal
(and illuminators) Guild. We meet every 3rd thursday from 7-10 at my house
in Sand Springs to paint scrolls for Kingdom awards or to work on our own
projects. Lady Rosamund has a supply of the kingdom award scrolls that you
can choose. If you would like to see waht it is all about before you buy
supplies etc. we have paints and brushes to share for beginners as well as
instruction to get you started.
Meeting this month will be Thursday the 20th.

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