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Chuck Kaun jack_a_lope31 at hotmail.com
Mon Jan 10 15:08:45 PST 2005

cool, id like to do that.....unfortunately I have classes this semester on 
Mon, Weds and Thurs nights so I cant make that.  Nor populace either as I 
just realized.....BAH!!  I guess Ill just get some hobby lobby stuff and 
start workin on my calligraphy and some celtic stuff in the watercolors.  I 
found a cool book with 139 celtic patterns in it for like $6 at borders, 
including some ornate alphabets.

Thanks for the start and try to catch you all later,


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>Subject: [Northkeep] Re: Scrolls etc
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>Chris wrote:
> > Once you have these basic supplies, show up at Siobhan's house in Sand
> > Springs the 3rd Thursday of the month with the rest of us and Rosamund
> > will let you choose as many scrolls to paint as you like.
>What Chris is referring to is the monthly meeting of the Northkeep Scribal
>(and illuminators) Guild. We meet every 3rd thursday from 7-10 at my house
>in Sand Springs to paint scrolls for Kingdom awards or to work on our own
>projects. Lady Rosamund has a supply of the kingdom award scrolls that you
>can choose. If you would like to see waht it is all about before you buy
>supplies etc. we have paints and brushes to share for beginners as well as
>instruction to get you started.
>Meeting this month will be Thursday the 20th.
>In service
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