[Northkeep] Winter War Rally

Thomas Quilliam tdj_ent at hotmail.com
Tue Jan 25 21:46:47 PST 2005

Greetings to all,
I am sending out this message to answer a few questions that have come my way.

Yes, the feast is PREPAID ONLY.  And there are a limited number of feast available.  The Feast-o-crat is Sir Aseoph Hearts.  You can prepay through the ACCEPS program or by check made payable to SCA Inc. - Wiesenfeuer.  Checks should be mailed to the Wiesenfeuer Reeve, Lady Hannah of the Four Corners ( mka Debbie Kelley ) at 12525 SW 13th  Yukon, Oklahoma  73009.  ACCEPS stands for Ansteorran Credit Card Event Payment System and is accessed by going to www.ansteorra.org and then clicking on the title ACCEPS.  Both payment methods should be completed by 
Feb 1.  The Winter War Rally is fully registerable as of Tuesday, Jan. 25.  

Yes, you pay your site fee through ACCEPS as well.  Information on cost and Family max are listed.  Refund policies are also listed.  

The basic schedule 9:30  Armor Inspection
                            10:00  Classes will begin - this includes an A&S collegium, combat for Chivalric, Rapier and Archery.
                                       Training Melees and authorizations for Chivalric, Archery and Siege Weapons
                             11:00  KAS competition
                             12:00  Boffer Activities
                              1:00   Main Melees begin
                              3:00   Bardic Competition begins
                              6:00   Feast begins
                              7:00   Court in the Feast Hall  followed shortly by a Hafla
A more detailed schedule will be provided at Check-in.  As always the schedule is subject to the desires of the Nobility.  
There will be MOC activities in the Feast Hall.  There will be a tavern open all day for breakfast, lunch and dinner.

Yes, the Kingdom Siege Marshall, HL Aldric will be there coordinating Siege Engines, Northern Regional Knights Marshall, Syr Owen will be there and along with Sir Jean Paul will be coordinating Chivalric, Northern Regional Archery Marshall, Baron Michel will be coordinating combat archery, and Don Elric will be coordinating the Rapier.  

 Yes, there will be merchanting at this event.

For other information please see the web site at www.geocities.com/dr_carr/WinterWarRally.html or check the ad in the Black Star. I will be glad to answer any other questions at tdj_ent at hotmail.com or call 405)474-2509 (No calls after 10:00 PM)

Thank you one and all, hope to see you there.
Thomas Quilliam
Co-autocrat Winter War Rally

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