[Northkeep] Prynhawn da (good afternoon)

syr_owen at nordsteorra.org syr_owen at nordsteorra.org
Wed Jan 26 14:52:20 PST 2005

Prynhawn da Northern Ansteorra,

	This past eve did many good and stout warriors meet and exchange 
blows, great was the enjoyment.
War is approaching we must race to aid our allies at the Estrella war before 
the next full moon. Then we must travel far to meet our great foe, on the 
fields of Meridies. Our mighty King Ulstead has made the call to all within 
our Kingdom so that we may defeat the swamp dwellers yet again.
I will be traveling to the lands of Skarrgard this weekend. I will have with 
me the means for all who wish to don armour in aid of our beloved Kingdom to 
do so. You must bring your harness and weapons if to long has it been since 
last you joined in the joy of battle. I will also be instructing any who wish 
to become more skilled in battle Sunday in Skarrgard.
Next week I will be traveling to the Grand Barony of Northkeep to long has it 
been since I have fought with those great warriors. Seven days from now I will 
gird my harness on and travel to that great place. I will be providing many 
with the chance to do battle, to instruct, and learn.
My heart longs for the camaraderie of the great warriors of this mighty region 
of Ansteorra. I will let as many of you know where next I will travel.

Syr Owen ap Aeddan a Marchog of the Realm

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