[Northkeep] Prynhawn da (Good afternoon)

syr_owen at nordsteorra.org syr_owen at nordsteorra.org
Mon Jan 31 09:56:57 PST 2005

Prynhawn da Mighty Northern Region of Ansteorra,

     As some practices were canceled, this weekend. The warmth and generosity 
of the Canton of Skarrgard warmed my heart and the day enough to allow a 
wonderful day of fighting. Much was learned and many came. To those of you who 
braved the chaos that is Ansteorran weather I hope you were as rewarded by 
such a great time as I was. 

     I will be traveling to Northkeep this Wed seeking the glory that can 
only be found in battle. I will be bringing new authorization forms with me.I 
will also be bringing with me many stout warriors.Knowing what an excellent 
host Northkeep is I long to sit in their hall and eat and drink with it's 
wonderful citizens.

     For those who have not heard Sieur Jean Paul and myself will be teaching 
a class on shield wall tactics at Winter War Rally. If you have never attended 
a melee class taught by us you are in for a new experience. Fighting will 
begin immediately at the beginning of class as fighters pay more attention 
after they have got some fighting done. Short discussion about tactics will be 
discussed between fights.

     Enjoy your week and I will see you this weekend.

Syr Owen ap Aeddan a Marchog of Ansteorra

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