[Northkeep] Musicians' meeting

Patti McCullough toinettec at yahoo.com
Thu Jan 6 08:56:10 PST 2005


That's okay; given the late notice, I didn't expect a
large turnout.  We had three:  me on flute and fife,
Llywelyn on harp and recorder, and Talana, who also
plays flute.  Llyw and I were pleased; it's not bad
for a first try.  We sightread some music, and had a
grand old time.

First Mondays are very good for Talana, and fine for
both me and Llyw, so we decided that we'd stick with
the first Monday for February, and make further
decisions then.  We'd love to have you come next time.
 Let me know if your Mondays are going to be tied up
this coming semester, after all, and maybe we can
arrange around it.

Best regards,

--- Annie Hutson <blubell_14 at yahoo.com> wrote:

> Sorry I missed the musicians meeting.  I am very
> interested.  Mondays might work for me.

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