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Lil Brat barbour clown_lilbrat at yahoo.com
Sat Jan 8 02:32:47 PST 2005

I just got back into town and missed your meeting.  I would love to be part of this if it does take place Monday's around 7 ish would be great.

i McCullough <toinettec at yahoo.com> wrote:
Hi there.

Llyw and I are having an informal Musicians'
practice/meeting at my house this evening from 7-ish
until 8:30 or 9. Anyone who plays anything (or who
has something he intends to teach himself to play) is
welcome to come, and bring your instrument. We plan
on reading through some simple Renaissance music, and
discussing whether the first Monday of the month at
7-ish is a good time to meet.

My house is at 6163 S. Zunis Ave. Go to the
intersection of 61st and Lewis. Coming from Harvard
on 61st, go straight through the intersection. From
71st, turn left onto 61st. From 51st, turn right onto
61st. There will be a QT and a strip mall on your
left, and an Ace Hardware and a dollar store on your
right. Right past the laundromat at the end of the
strip mall is a right that only turns left. That's
South Zunis. Turn left there. If you cross the
bridge or see the school, you've gone too far. 

Once you're on Zunis, it's a very short road. You'll
pass a private drive on your left and come to a set of
three driveways on your left, each with two garage
doors. My house is the first garage door on the
second driveway. Llyw's big, blue truck will probably
be parked there. The garage door is also marked with
the house number: 6163. Feel free to park anywhere
on my side of the driveway--There's room for three
cars besides Llyw's truck--but please don't block the
garage door next door. Please also don't park in
front of the houses across the street; the people who
live there get very worked up about such things.

If you get lost, or if my directions aren't clear
enough, give me a call; I'll make sure to have my
phone nearby. My number is 918-645-2556.

Sorry for the late notice. I'm being optimistic that
this e-mail will show up on the list sometime before
the practice actually takes place. But if you're
interested in playing sometime, and aren't able to
come tonight, I'm sure we'll hold another practice in
another month or so. Drop me an e-mail, if you have
any input about the day or time.

Best regards,

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