[Northkeep] Need Help with Scrolls and Insignia

Chuck Kaun jack_a_lope31 at hotmail.com
Mon Jan 10 10:57:19 PST 2005

thank you, that sounds like good advice to me.....except the Thursday night 
thing.  I have class at Stillwater on Mon, Wed, and Thurs.  tuesdays are my 
only nights off except for weekends.  but you cant have everything can ya?

thanks again for the help,


>Get some decent brushes from Hobby Lobby (ask an employee if you have
>to), or Michael's, even walmart might have some. They sell packets of
>tiny brushes in varying sizes, real hair bristles are best, like
>squirrel, but synthetics are alright, too... Just depends on how
>seriously you want to get into painting. You should also get a plastic
>pallet and goauche (water-based paints in tubes). You don't have to get
>a thing of 50 colors, since colors can be mixed, and since they are
>water-based, you can carry around your little plastic pallet forever.
>You just wet your brush, rub on the dried paint in the pallet, until
>your brush is loaded with enough paint, and begin.
>Once you have these basic supplies, show up at Siobhan's house in Sand
>Springs the 3rd Thursday of the month with the rest of us and Rosamund
>will let you choose as many scrolls to paint as you like. I used to have
>Scribal at my house, too, but my son's school decided to have their
>once-a-month skate-night on the same night.
>If anyone else has a suggestion on colors to get started with or if I've
>left anything out, feel free to add... Or if I've given bad advice,
>please correct me.
>See you on the 20th!

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