[Northkeep] A GREAT Demo

j.t.herring j.t.herring at sbcglobal.net
Tue Jun 7 08:07:33 PDT 2005

To Northkeep and Beyond,

June 6th-11th is the OSU Tulsa Humanities event called the Chautauqua. OSU
Tulsa has asked us to please come out and just do some SCA activities before
their speakers take the stage. This is a week long evening event centered on
presentations and seminars where individuals from Renaissance and
Elizabethan history are recreated by a professional presenter. These look
like they will be really good and possibly something that anyone in the SCA
might enjoy.

I would like us to do crafts, armored combat, persona play and be there to
add atmosphere and answer questions to help warm-up the crowds before the
performers take the stage. This is not really a full blown SCA demo but a
chance to do some person play and show off our research and enthusiasm for
Medieval life. They would dearly love for us to have some artisans, bards,
and especially fighters of both styles there to show off the SCA.

I will be there tonight (Tuesday) with Flyers and Kelandra will be there
with her rapier gear and looking for a fight. Perhaps we could move the
rapier fighter practice there as well? The lady in charge has kindly gotten
us a sun shade for our own use outside the main tent and I think we could do
a lot of good with just a few banners if anyone has any they would like to

This demo is a week long thing but if you can only go one night then that
would be great. The demos started Monday June 6th and go thru Saturday the
11th 6 p.m.-7:30 p.m. The speakers start their presentations at 7:30 and go
till 9pm and our participants are welcome to stay for the seminars (for

If you can help with the demo even if only one night for just the one hour
they are asking us to be there then please let me know. Jane Varmecky who is
the university coordinator for this event has been very excited about having
us there and I would hate to let her down.

Kind Regards,

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