[Northkeep] RE: A GREAT Demo

j.t.herring j.t.herring at sbcglobal.net
Wed Jun 8 07:39:37 PDT 2005

For those of you who did not come out to the demo last night you really
missed something.

The OSU Chautauqua is one of the easiest demo experiences you will ever have
you just walk around meet and greet people or sit and do your craft. If you
want to come and fight you only have to stay for an hour then you can run
off to the normal fighter practice. While walking about you answer peoples
questions for an hour or so then sit down and enjoy one of the most
interesting presentations about a historical personality that I have ever

If you do decide to stay then you will surely enjoy the presentations as the
professors portray their various persona delivering an hour and a half of in
character dialog and information about themselves. They also answer
questions from the audience in character which is a lot of fun. The
professors who portrayed Shakespeare and Christopher Columbus were
outstanding! Shakespeare returns each night as the MC, as it were. Tonight's
performer is Lucrezia Borgia also tonight their will be Celtic music
starting at 6:30. The best part is that they whole thing is free!

The demo is located on the OSU/UCAT campus off 244. Just look for the bib
white tent.

Kelandra and I will be there again tonight. Kelandra will be there with her
rapier gear and looking for a fight. If any one has a banner or two they
would be willing to bring that would be nice.

I look forward to seeing more than three of us out there tonight.

Kind Regards,

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