[Northkeep] Congratulations to our new Champions, and Thanks.

Amanda Wallace dragontamerbrat at gmail.com
Tue Jun 7 13:21:28 PDT 2005

Well, my feet have almost recovered, and I'd like to say
congratulations to our new champions.

Our Baronial Castellan: Ld. Arthur Blackmoon
Drighton (Heavy): Kinoshito Yoshimoto (spelling is BUTCHERED)
Provost (Light): Ld Facon DuPray
Artisan: HL Magdalena de Cadamosto 
Bard: HL Bianca della Vittoria
Archer: Ld Geoffrey Makepeace
Marksman (Thrown Weapons): Ld. Thormund Blackwolf

Youth Castellan: Elanor
Children's Castellan: Krys Blackwolf

Thanks go out to: Lady Janet for a terrific feast, Don Navarre for all
of his help in the hall, all of those who helped at gate,  and ran the

Ly Angelique, I couldn't have done this w/o you!

HE Elisabetta and HE Beorthlic, thank you for all your help.

Ly Zubeydah, thanks for doing everthying I asked of you. 

Thanks to Ly Rosamund, HL Ian for the scrolls. To the Ly Gisela...you
saved my behind.

House Halfiras, you rock.

To my co-autocrat, thanks for picking up where I dropped the ball. 

I'm sure I've forgotten someone, and I apologize for not naming you,
but thank you anyway.

Lady Amanda Blackwolf,
Castellan, co-autocrat
The Divine is like a candle behind a stained glass window: we may not
all see the same light, but we all see the same flame.

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