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Tue Jun 21 09:57:42 PDT 2005

I got back from Lilies War this year Sunday afternoon.  I had forgotten what an incredible experience war is.  This is my second trip and third of all my war trips, first being Gulf.

I left the previous Sunday afternoon for Lilies and was greeted with a small amount of rain and a small shower after setting up my camp.  We were blessed with dry weather and nice cool breezes and cool evenings of heavy dew.

I was camped between my previous hosts the Bards of Calentir, and friends from Northkeep.

The theme of the fighting was a warlord battle system in honor of the late Wulfgar Skypainter who also provided the Three Rivers Party with fireworks.  I do not remember all the battles in detail but there was a simulated mine battle; an enclosed mine was made of hay bales & black canvous. Another battle had an Ansteorra Ballista as part of the fray.

After spending the day/s being a Journeyman Chirurgeon and providing many gallons of water, gateraid & pickle juice there were many parties to have merriment at.  I helped the Bards with their Viking Mardi Gras by bar tending like last year.  We served lots of homemade meade/beer/rootbeer/Pantera's Kiss from the hands of Master Michele the Ram, the mother of the Bard encampment (which sadly I do not remember her name), Dorfous (sp?), and Pantera.

As part of my small contribution my hosts the bards, I did help with the porta potties and was pleased that this year a lot of sanitizer dispensers were avalible everywhere and kept full.  I did hear of a small outbreak of plague in one encampment, but not the one that normally serves "The Plague and Cure" the last evening of war.  The waterbearers used a no-rinse sanitizer on all their jug straws with each refill of the gallon jugs.  This is to try and keep the spread of germs to a minimum, unlike our system of no contact water bottles.

I was blessed with a Calentir Journeyman Chirurgeon favor/s made by the gracious hands of Crystal Mines of Calentir.  Could this be a bribe to come play with the Calentirs more offten ? lol. . .

Everyone I was with/met were very gracious people and enjoyed their hospitalties.

There was a lot of Japanese personias and the ABS armor was increadible.  It made me wish I had a personia that could use such armor.  One gentleman, Suko (sp?) had a great encampment and red armor, but it was his helm that was so increadible; it had black horns with red ABS neck plates, and a chrome face.  I do have a few more pics of this if interested.

As in any event, there are a lot of awards presented, this being no different.  I got to see several peerages increased (Pelican, Laurel, and knight) and a Baronial Investiture ( very short, 10 mins?) Geoffroi d' Aurillac (Event CIC) was elevated to Master Chirurgeon. He is moving to another Kindom sadly, but I enjoyed working with him and learning more to the Chirurgeon skills.  I found out that there are milk solids in gateraid.  Injuries seem light; we had one leg broken from an upswing from a greatsword to the friend of Charity (Baroness from Trimaris?) Several cuts to the bridge of the nose from excessive hits with a spear and armor malfuctions.  With the amount of trained Waterbearers & Chirurgeons on the field, heat related problems was kept minimal ( not to mention that we had a nice cool breeze in the afternoon ).

So much goes on, and I'm sorry for not providing all the details to what I have witness, this is in no way to diminish the hard work that each put in.

Lord Renault du Mont-Saint Michel
Journeyman Chirurgeon/Journeyman Waterbearer
Baronial Guard of Northkeep
Acting Reeve of Northkeep
Northkeep, Ansteorra

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