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Susan Campbell arspudsmom at yahoo.com
Thu Jun 23 01:01:30 PDT 2005

Greetings - 

Just a small note. For those of you who don't know me, I am Lady Susannah Blackthorne. I come asking you all to breath a small prayer for HE Andreas Snowdragon, More commonly known as "PaPa John"; The premier guardian of Moonshadowe. Tuesday he had to come home from work with severe respiratory distress. He went to the Emergency room and spent 5 hours and had several breathing treatments. They took X rays and it took 2 chest x rays to completely do the lower lobe of his lungs. When he called me on Tuesday evening, he was so short of breath he could hardly speak. They filled him with steroids and meds and sent him home with the Diagnosis of Asthma. Andreas has never had asthma in his life, and when he spoke to his doctor Wed. am his doctor said it was most likely viral pneumonia. Either way he has been told he has to stay home for a few days and take his inhaler on a regular basis. 

Now I am usally the last one to sing the praises of Andreas, however there are quite a few of us that he has literally pulled our fannies out of the fire many a time.I would just ask that you breath a quiet prayer for him this next week. He has no family but the SCA. Yes he can get on our nerves at times, but there are some times that he can make us smile, or be a shoulder to cry on when we need it. God and the goddess watches out for fools and idiots.... and on that note I will close...


In service to the crown - 

Lady Susannah Blackthorne

A.K.A. "Susie"

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