[Northkeep] Norse whale names (FYI for factiods)

Chuck Kaun jack_a_lope31 at hotmail.com
Thu Jun 9 16:56:52 PDT 2005

Im not sure that the Vikings actually hunted sperm whales.  If I read 
correctly, they tended to harvest the smaller whales.

>Hval is norse (I think Hvalr is plural) for whale, and is pronounced 
>"hWall", or "whale".
>Although I can find a some specific variations, for example Narhval, 
>Hvalrus, and Rorhval ("wrinkled whale" or blue whale), walfisch, etc.

the Narvhal mentioned by Diarmid is actually the Narwhal, thought to be the 
origination of the Unicorn myth and the horns were highly prized by the 
Vikings and their gathering of the horns was a highly guarded secret from 
the rest of Europe.

the Hvalrus mentioned is actually not a whale, but a tusked member closely 
related to Sea Lions and Seals and is known in English as the Walrus.


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