[Northkeep] Norse whale names (FYI for factiods)

Marc Carlson marccarlson20 at hotmail.com
Thu Jun 9 19:29:35 PDT 2005

>From: "Chuck Kaun" <jack_a_lope31 at hotmail.com>
>>Although I can find a some specific variations, for example Narhval, 
>>Hvalrus, and Rorhval ("wrinkled whale" or blue whale), walfisch, etc.
>the Narvhal mentioned by Diarmid is actually the Narwhal, thought to be the 
>origination of the Unicorn myth and the horns were highly prized by the 
>Vikings and their gathering of the horns was a highly guarded secret from 
>the rest of Europe.
>the Hvalrus mentioned is actually not a whale, but a tusked member closely 
>related to Sea Lions and Seals and is known in English as the Walrus.

You know that, and I know that - but apparently the Norse did not...


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