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Wow spell check did not catch those mistakes....I'm sorry about that.

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I am terribly sortry I have been Inredibly busy for the last week with the
relase of our new program and preparing for a businness meerting in

Hospitallers report:

Greetings Northkeep!

We have had a busy month for demos. The OSU Tulsa demos went very well and I
an see some good results coming from the bonds that those of us who did
bother to attend have created with the humnanities board. We do have at
least one more demo coming up and it is a VERY important one.

Public Library Summer Reading Program
July 9 between 1-4 pm. The entire Martin Regional Library  is focusing on
Dragons, Knights, and Medieval Stories. They would like us to do an full
blown SCA demo with fighting, crafts, bardic, etc. The event is July 9
between 1-4 pm. We have a large area outside the Library to set up an SCA
area with the pavillion, Thrones, banners, list field, etc..

Contact Laura Hutchison
Phone: (918) 596-2466
Email: lhutchi at tulsalibrary.org

Also I will am stepping down as Hospitaller if you wish to be the next
hosptialler please send an application to myself, Faolan, Their Excellencies
Ainar and Mercedes, and the Northern Regional Hospitaller.

Keep a watch out for new people and do what ever  you can to make them feel

Kind Regards,
Honorable Laird Ian Dun Gillan
Hospitaller for the Barony of Northkeep

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