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Got it. Thank you. Sorry your mundane life has been stressful and over busy.
I'll run the spell check. No problem.


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> I am terribly sortry I have been Inredibly busy for the last week with the
> relase of our new program and preparing for a businness meerting in
> Californmia:
> Hospitallers report:
> Greetings Northkeep!
> We have had a busy month for demos. The OSU Tulsa demos went very well and
> an see some good results coming from the bonds that those of us who did
> bother to attend have created with the humnanities board. We do have at
> least one more demo coming up and it is a VERY important one.
> Public Library Summer Reading Program
> July 9 between 1-4 pm. The entire Martin Regional Library  is focusing on
> Dragons, Knights, and Medieval Stories. They would like us to do an full
> blown SCA demo with fighting, crafts, bardic, etc. The event is July 9
> between 1-4 pm. We have a large area outside the Library to set up an SCA
> area with the pavillion, Thrones, banners, list field, etc..
> Contact Laura Hutchison
> Phone: (918) 596-2466
> Email: lhutchi at tulsalibrary.org
> Also I will am stepping down as Hospitaller if you wish to be the next
> hosptialler please send an application to myself, Faolan, Their
> Ainar and Mercedes, and the Northern Regional Hospitaller.
> Keep a watch out for new people and do what ever  you can to make them
> welcome.
> Kind Regards,
> Honorable Laird Ian Dun Gillan
> Hospitaller for the Barony of Northkeep
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