[Northkeep] date extension for re-authorizatoin process

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Thu Mar 10 12:44:46 PST 2005

sorry if this is duplicate - it didnt look right on my webmail and thougth fighters would be interested.

In service 


In light of the extensive re-authorization process, the warranting of
new regionals and other considerations, and after consultation with His 
Majesty, we have decided to extend the date of authorization card
expiration to 
April 30, 2005.  For those who currently have yellow (gold) cards, they
remain in effect until this date.  Please see your regional or other
marshal to get re-authorized.  Lists of authorization marshals can be
on the Earl Marshal's webpage.  If there is no one in your area listed,
email me privately and we will find someone to accommodate your needs.

My thanks to those authorization marshals, Sir Balvin & Sir Owen among 
others, who have been steadily working towards getting our participants 
re-authorized.  Thank you also to Lady Vara, Marshallate Secretary, for
turning the cards 
around the day she receives the forms.  We this kind of dedication, we
have everyone taken care of by the deadline.

In Service,

Patrick Michael
Earl Marshal

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