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Is this something the Barony at large and as a whole would find a worthy cause 
to support? Perhaps the purchase of a group of stars on behalf of the Barony? 
Or, if that is not deemed a worthy expenditure, are there interested 
individuals? I'm going to be contacting this good gentle to find out if he 
accepts PayPal for payments, as I shan't be at Gulf...


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Greetings, citizens of the Sable Star!
With Gulf Wars upon us, there is still a fleeting chance to add your name to 
the rolls of Ansteorrans who have helped to make the Ansteorran Gate a 
reality.  Master Fritz, architect of the Gate,  has released the last 45 steel 
stars for purchase.  
Your pledge of $20 will go toward the continuing maintenance of the structure, 
and you will be rewarded with a ten-point star made of steel inscribed with 
your name, which will be affixed permanently to the doors of the Ansteorran 
Many have already made their contribution, and inscriptions are being finished 
so that their stars can be mounted on the Gate in the coming week.  Take this 
opportunity now to be among those whose names will be seen and remembered for 
years to come, every time the Army of Ansteorra rolls through our grand 
To make your pledge, send an email to ronh1957 at swbell.net, with the name you 
wish inscribed on the star.  Please limit your text to 12 letters.  Each star 
is $20, payable at Gulf War.  If you cannot attend war this year, please send 
an envoy with your payment.  There will be a table set up near the Gate during 
the week to which the pledge may be delivered.   Those who cannot make 
arrangements to send payment to War may make a pledge via IOU to the email 
address above; however, stars will be sold on a priority basis to those who pay 
at the War.  If all stars are sold, the IOU's will be returned.
Time is running out, so make your pledge today!  All orders must be received 
before 3 pm Friday, March 11th.  
On behalf of Master Fritz, and in service to Ansteorra, 
Catrin Brynmorgan

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