[Northkeep] Fw: [Ansteorra-announce] Lost Treasure of Am Loch!!

Faolan Macfarland faolanmacfarland at cox.net
Tue May 3 20:07:28 PDT 2005

This group had a lot of people at Wastelands.  They seemed like pretty fun 
group so I am sure their event could be pretty entertaining if anyone is 
interested.   Also, they had some Prizes with them which they almost lost to 
King & Prince when they displayed them.

In service,

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> Greetings once again unto the populace of Ansteorra!!!
> The time is rapidly drawing near for the Incipient Shire of Am Loch's very 
> first event, The Lost Treasure of Am Loch, May 13, 14, 15. If you have 
> ever dreamed of fighting to your heart's content, partying with pirates, 
> searching for lost treasure, or just spending an exciting weekend away 
> from the everyday strife and stress of mundane life, then this event is 
> absolutely for YOU!!
> Am Loch, which is located in the heart of Ansteorra's Western Region, has 
> quickly become renowned for its hospitality and sense of fun. You are all 
> invited to join us May 13, 14, 15 to experience Am Loch for yourselves!!
> Activities at the event will include (but are definitely not limited to..) 
> Heavy and light lists, pirate/seafaring themed bardic and A&S, a brewing 
> competition, Am Loch's first ever Pump Relay, and yes, there will be a 
> treasure hunt!! There will also be many children's activities happening 
> including a kids treasure hunt. These are just the daytime activities. 
> After feast and court, the revelry will really heat up!! There will be 
> drumming, bellydancing, bardic and other stories around the fire, not to 
> mention a few extra surprises may spring up!!
> Feast is limited so make your reservations as soon as possible. You can 
> contact me off-list at bapollreisz at yahoo.com, For more event information, 
> including how to get to the campsite and what amenities are offered, 
> please check out the event website located at 
> http://www.geocities.com/am_loch/losttreasure.html
> Live the Dream!!
> Ld Alexander von Ness
> "Drink up me hearties, YO HO!!"
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