[Northkeep] archers revel

Wed Apr 5 14:02:36 PDT 2006


to the populace of northkeep !!

the first of many archers revels ( this year ) to come will be :

a children friendly archers revel will be held at the archery range ( outside of my house ) on sunday april 9 . starting at 4:00 pm ( 1600 for the military types ; )
 right after the children's archery practice . ( which starts at 2:30 , 1400 4 m.t. )
there will be hamburgers , some hot dogs, some venison ( all grilled ) if you want something to go with the above please bring it . ( soda, tea,  salads , veggies, munchies, chips , bread,ice,etc )

notice i didn't say beer , or other forms of alcohol , as this is the child friendly revel please no alcohol at this revel .......

( yes there will be adult friendly revels as well ; )

so , if your an archer , your a newbie, your the parent of an archer ,the friend of an archer , your great great grand parent on your half uncles side was an archer , or , maybe you just know an archer , come on out , cheer for your favorite  child archer , chat, eat, have fun

be safe, be happy , have fun
ld.arthur blackmoon k.a.a.
arcarius to arc d'or jaque the spink
resident dinosaur
local rangemaster 

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