[Northkeep] Re: Newcomers At The Park (long)

j.t.herring j.t.herring at sbcglobal.net
Wed Apr 5 14:43:41 PDT 2006

Used to be not all that long ago Fighter Practice was a great gathering
place for us all. Northkeep got together all in one place and enjoyed
itself, those who fought did their thing, those who did not fight gathered
around to talk. Fighter practice is a place that really helped Northkeep
bond as a group. I would like to see that happen more. Having so much go on
that one night a week helps people with full schedules to be able to put in
some SCA time and to connect with their SCA friends.

The Wednesday night practices really can showcase the SCA better to new
participants and bystanders than a lot of other efforts that we could go to.
Not to belittle any ones ideas or plans, this idea can work together with
others. As long as there are a few brave souls willing to step up and do
something about it. Every fighter practice is a demo or a new participants
class just with out all the extra planning.

Having a printed flyer to hand out to people is a great idea if my vote
counted I would say we do those again. Also getting our practices on a Tulsa
community calendar might be a good idea.

Fighter practice is a great place to meet with new people to the SCA and
help get them some education, some socialization, and so experience in the
SCA. We could maybe even throw a mini court at a practice every once in a

What about getting banners on poles with portable holes to spruce up our
look, what about trying to get people to show up in SCA clothes rather than
street clothes? And having people there doing art and sciences, heck even
some people playing music or singing once in a while wouldn't be all that
bad. If we all just put a little effort into making it out on a Wednesday
night think about what fighter practice could become.

>From what we are seeing here on the mailing list it looks like people would
be into beefing up our Wednesday night practices to a full-blown SCA
experience. So lets see what people do with that. Lets see if our different
varieties of fighters come out to play, lets see if out artisans come out to
work their crafts, if our drummers come drum, if our talkers come talk. If
people do come out to practice then lets discuss ways to make this happen
more often. If no one shows up then we will know it was all talk and we can
try something else.

I am not saying that all of the meetings need to happen on Wednesday at
practice. Other meetings and even revels should be planned. I am simply
trying to say after all this writing why not make the most of a good
opportunity and return to the idea that Fighter Practice is hub for activity
and participation in our Barony.

Kind regards,

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