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Wed Apr 5 16:04:28 PDT 2006


> If no one shows up then we will know it was all talk and we can
> try something else.

except that i like several others work weekdays ,
and after driving 45 min. to get home after dark , going out again usualy
isnt an option i choose to take .

but for those that can be there , go , enjoy , have fun : )

and , ian has a valid point , in that people used to go to fighter practice
in garb , and hang out , watch the fighting,do their artsy things and talk
with passerers by , especially the people that came over to see what was
going on .

and again , in dressing up the fighting area, other baronies have brightly
colored flags on their list ropes , or little device banners , etc, weather
for practices , or events , it draws attention to the fighting area .

just my 2 pins worth

be safe, be happy , have fun
arthur blackmoon

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> Used to be not all that long ago Fighter Practice was a great gathering
> place for us all. Northkeep got together all in one place and enjoyed
> itself, those who fought did their thing, those who did not fight gathered
> around to talk. Fighter practice is a place that really helped Northkeep
> bond as a group. I would like to see that happen more. Having so much go
> that one night a week helps people with full schedules to be able to put
> some SCA time and to connect with their SCA friends.
> The Wednesday night practices really can showcase the SCA better to new
> participants and bystanders than a lot of other efforts that we could go
> Not to belittle any ones ideas or plans, this idea can work together with
> others. As long as there are a few brave souls willing to step up and do
> something about it. Every fighter practice is a demo or a new participants
> class just with out all the extra planning.
> Having a printed flyer to hand out to people is a great idea if my vote
> counted I would say we do those again. Also getting our practices on a
> community calendar might be a good idea.
> Fighter practice is a great place to meet with new people to the SCA and
> help get them some education, some socialization, and so experience in the
> SCA. We could maybe even throw a mini court at a practice every once in a
> while.
> What about getting banners on poles with portable holes to spruce up our
> look, what about trying to get people to show up in SCA clothes rather
> street clothes? And having people there doing art and sciences, heck even
> some people playing music or singing once in a while wouldn't be all that
> bad. If we all just put a little effort into making it out on a Wednesday
> night think about what fighter practice could become.
> >From what we are seeing here on the mailing list it looks like people
> be into beefing up our Wednesday night practices to a full-blown SCA
> experience. So lets see what people do with that. Lets see if our
> varieties of fighters come out to play, lets see if out artisans come out
> work their crafts, if our drummers come drum, if our talkers come talk. If
> people do come out to practice then lets discuss ways to make this happen
> more often. If no one shows up then we will know it was all talk and we
> try something else.
> I am not saying that all of the meetings need to happen on Wednesday at
> practice. Other meetings and even revels should be planned. I am simply
> trying to say after all this writing why not make the most of a good
> opportunity and return to the idea that Fighter Practice is hub for
> and participation in our Barony.
> Kind regards,
> Ian
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