[Northkeep] once more, another worker's comp court date/coming back for awhile!....

Gisela giselavonwolfsburg at gmail.com
Thu Apr 20 11:10:37 PDT 2006

Any takers yet?

On 4/18/06, Robert Stewart <skerritheviking at yahoo.com> wrote:
> Heil and Health to all my friends and family of the Great Kingdom of
> Ansteorra, Barony of Northkeep, and Canton of Chemin Noir--
>   Once more, I am coming back to the (mundanely called) Tulsa area for
> Worker's Comp. Trial, except this time I recieved very very little
> notice.  I will be in court 04/26/06, a Wedsnday, and probably the next two
> days.  As in the 4+ times I have returned to the fair and Noble lands of the
> Star Thrones, I will need a place to stay for around a week starting this
> Sunday or Monday.  I will probably be seeing a doctor, and meeting my
> attorney as well during this time.
>   Lady Gisela of Barony Northkeep and her Kinder have Kindly and
> Generously opened their home to me on all of the previous occasions, and
> though she assures me I am not a burden (except for her futon, LOL) I would
> once again like to see if there is anyone in the area who could put me
> up.  In theory, this is the final time/week I am coming out, and this is the
> Judgement phase of the Trial, but Judges and the Respondent's attorneys will
> do illogical things, it seems.............  Such as spending more than twice
> the amount of the (projected) Judgement on 3 P.I.'s-----yes 3-------- to
> monitor me here in Arizona for 2 years.  Multiple witnesses to this, not
> paranoia!
>   So, back to the point, if there is anyone that can put me up and feed me
> some, I would be in your debt.
>   Thank you, one and all, and I now return you to your regularly scheduled
> e-mailings!
>   Yours in Service to The Dream,
>   Robert M. Stewart, Sr.
>   520-829-5312
> Lord Skerri Valtorsson
> Barony of Tir Ysgithr
> Kingdom of Atenveldt
> Praise no sword before wet, no ale before drunk, nor ice before crossed
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