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Wed Aug 9 06:22:52 PDT 2006

Ciamar a tha sibh
We will be there at Zahava's house on Saturday for the Inventory (barring
some tragedy, or winning the lottery).

 We plan on arriving around 9am and hope to have the Baronial  trailer there
to start when we arrive. (Ainar are you still planning on pulling it in?
Please let me know.)

As for the Inventory...If you have what would be considered Baronial
Books (Not paper work, not the library, books belonging to an office, or
borrowed from the library though)
Feast Gear
Anything that some one could catalog and value that belongs to Northkeep,
please bring it so that the Barony might take stock of all that belongs to

Please scour your closets, trunks, and chests, and bring  anything you know
to be or have been considered Baronial property. If you have an item that
you suspect is Baronial property but do not know for sure please bring. If
you cannot be there Saturday but have items please contact Lady Zahava about
a time to drop it off.

Unloading, sorting, and repacking the trailer takes about 4 hours, maybe
more depending on the amount of help and the heat. We should (if all goes
well) have the trailer part done by 1-2pm. We will need as many helping
hands as we can get, "Strength in Unity" is our Baronial motto and this is
the perfect time to show it. The more hands we have the lighter the work
will be and the faster it will go.

Any time left over after the sorting and recording can be used to compile
the entire inventory and distribute, or discard items.  Please understand
that just because you have an item and think it might be something we will
discard does not mean that you should take that on yourself, we still need
to inventory the stuff in case it was already on the books. The Seneschal,
Reeve, and we will make any decisions on what (if anything) is to be

As the Baron and Baroness we will be bringing legal pads and pens to record
the items and their condition. Some cardboard boxes might prove handy during
the day. During the course of  this inventory some items may be discarded,
some, stored in the trailer, and some sent home with their appropriate
officers (i.e. Armor, books, you get the idea). So all officers please if at
all possible please attend the inventory.

Please bring plenty of cool drinks, sunscreen, and something to sit on. The
workday should be in street clothes but the revel later will be in Garb so
please come prepared.

After the Inventory around 7pm we will gather for a revel/party, which will
start with a buffet of succulent smoked and roasted meats provided by us
Their Excellencies of Northkeep.

If you plan to attend the revel please bring a dish to serve  6-10 people,
this could be a salad, a casserole, veggies, some personal favorite, or a
dessert. We recommend posting what you are bringing so that we don't end up
with twenty containers of macaroni salad. You will need to bring your own
drinks (or if you wish drinks to share).

This day would be a great place for people new to the group or those seeking
their niche in Northkeep to make a show and make some friends. The day would
also be a good one to reconnect with old friends and this Barony does its
best connections when it is working hard or playing hard.

Mar sin leat,
Ian and Kelandra
Lord and Lady of Northkeep

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