[Northkeep] Archery Practice vs. Memorial Day

Jennifer Henley chibi_jeni at hotmail.com
Thu May 25 21:32:21 PDT 2006


Good first email, Cian!

*sniffle* I'm so proud!

Thanks for letting us know! And thank you for accepting the position as 
deputy! That is awesome that a beginner is taking such an active role in the 

Live well, learn well,

~Genevieve Grant Von Aue
Northkeep Rapier Marshal

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>Subject: [Northkeep] Archery Practice vs. Memorial Day
>Date: Thu, 25 May 2006 20:45:31 -0500
>Your newly establishes Deputy Archery Marshal, Cian here. This would be my
>first official email to the list as marshal. Memorial Day is coming up this
>weekend and I know that alot of people probably have plans whether it's
>going out to the lake or seeing family. So for the holiday, archery 
>will be postponed this weekend. Everyone have a fun and safe Memorial
>Cian Rhys Gravenor
>Deputy Archery Marshal for the Barony of Northkeep
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