[Northkeep] Thanks for Fair of the Harvest

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Mon Nov 13 07:47:28 PST 2006

Greetings Good Gentles of Northkeep!

We had a wonderful weekend!  All the help and support we recieved was AWESOME!
The lovely Lady Mehpare and House Halfiras outdid themselves with the waterbearing 
and lunch with from the proceeds of your donations! Lady Zubeydah painted banners 
and scrolls, contributed goodies for baskets and in general did all those things 
she does so very well for all of us. She well deserved to win Lady Zahavas Heraldic 
Display competition!
A big Thank You to all who donated items to the raffle and bought tickets!
To all who helped with the waterbearing, ran competitions, competed, or were just 
*there* for a good time, Thank You!
And to Lord Randall and his crew, Feast was Awesome!  Everything was delicous...but 
I hereby dub Gulab Jamun as "Manna from Heaven"!  That, for you poor souls who 
weren't there, is fried dough balls in honey.  (OK...so I love Honey!)
Lastly, but NOT least, to Her Excellency Kelandra for her sunny prescence.  She 
worked as much as anyone, painting badges, watching over everything and doing it 
well!  Yes, we missed you Ian...a little.;)
Once again, Thank you all!


Lady Aoife of Chemin Noir

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