[Northkeep] Thanks for Fair of the Harvest

zubeydah at northkeep.org zubeydah at northkeep.org
Mon Nov 13 07:56:58 PST 2006

A few quick corrections, if I may...

Quoting "aoife at cableone.net" <aoife at cableone.net>:
> Greetings Good Gentles of Northkeep!
> Lady Zubeydah painted banners and scrolls, contributed goodies for baskets 
> and in general did all those things she does so very well for all of us. She
> well deserved to win Lady Zahava's Heraldic Display competition!

The scrolls were painted half and half - I did four, and Raghnailt of Halfiras 
did four. 6 for the adults, 2 for the youth.

The banners were a joint effort as well: Renault, Raghnailt, and i worked as a 
team to complete them: Renault cut out the fabric, Ragnailt and I did the 
sewing, and all three of us did the painting.

The heraldic display was also a group effort, in that Ragnailt helped with the 
black and gold tassels, too!!

The baskets: Also a group effort! Hard work was put into them by Renault and 
Ragnailt - we did four 'group work nights' to put together the items as a team. 
Items were also donated by the Talequah members of House Halfiras: 
predominantly the youth prize baskets, and some items to the adult baskets as 

So truly, I cannot - and will not - claim credit for the labors of those many 
good gentles of House Halfiras. They deserve the lauding!!


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