[Northkeep] Fair of the Harvest

Horn, Trisha D. tdhorn at saintfrancis.com
Mon Nov 13 08:11:40 PST 2006

Greetings Northkeep -

It sounds as if the event went very well!  From the rave reviews of
fighting, food and camaraderie, I can't wait to see pictures (although
it's never as good as actually being there) and read tales of accounts
from those who have the gift of story telling.  When such a grand time
is had by all, whatever effort went into it always seems worth it.
Vivat Chemin Noir!

Raghnailt inghean Toirdhealbhaigh

House Halfiras
Barony of Northkeep
Kingdom of Ansteorra

...all nature is full of invisible people...the beautiful are not far
away when we are walking in pleasant and quiet places...  W.B. Yeats

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