[Northkeep] Fair of the harvest

ottokarluther at aol.com ottokarluther at aol.com
Mon Nov 20 14:23:06 PST 2006

 Greetings all 
I am finally  getting around to getting my thank you out, I would like to apologize for being so late.
First let me say that our event would not have happened if North Keep had not stepped up and taken care of the many things that we could not. Just so I don't forget I'll say it now "NorthKeep Rocks!!!"
Ok So there were a huge number of people that helped. many that I know and some that I don't and some who helped but hid it from me, as any list like this it is not all inclusive and I'm 100% sure that I will forget someone. so if I forget you please know that I truly appreciate what you did , and please sometime come tell me what you did so I can get proper word fame out.
One of the most memorable parts of any event and the one thing that makes or breaks an event is its feast.... I think you should know I a very picky eater and usually can't be forced to try something new. But OMG was that not a feast to die for. Thanks Randall for making our event and thanks for convincing me that not all foreign food is evil. Also to tamberlain's sister whose name escapes me at present you are awesome doing all of those dishes by yourself I bet you had dish pan hands for a week. Winferith I don't do spicy, none at all, period, but the curry dishes were great   
There is one person with out who this event would have happened but it would have been very bleak with out her.  Zubeydah you are a god send and I cant express how much your help meant to me. Chemin Noir gave you a comet that you earned many times over , but I still want you to know that in my eyes the sable star shines brighter because you are with us.
Mehpare,Ron and House Halfiras WOW!!  Thank You for the wonderful gifts and water bearing and the awesome side bar lunch and every thing you did.
Angus, Ciana Thanks for making sure the baronial trailer got to camp and back safely and thanks for bringing your boys who were a great help all around. George Thanks for running and doing things when needed.
Ismet and Anawyn Thank you for basically running Gate all day Saturday 
Thank you Baroness Kelandra for your grace in court, you patients with a novice autocrat, your words of incourgement and wisdom, and bustin your butt with us on Sunday cleaning up. 
Aderian and Pookie Thank you from the bottom of my heart for helping my wife with the children's activities with her health she could not have done it by herself. (Pookie thanks for the event word fame and you are welcome at Chemin Noir's table, camp , event whatever  anytime ) 
Damon thank you for your year long support and drumming up other support for us 
Thank you everybody who stayed and cleaned up on Sunday 
once again thanks to the countless people I have not mentioned .
Lord Lt. Ottokar Luther v Holstien
Squire to Earl Sir Brion 
Marksman of NorthKeep
Spear of the Runnin
Marksman of Runedell
Marksman of the Wastelands 
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