[Northkeep] Chemin Noir: How Feast of the Harvest made ME feel

Lord Pooky lord_pooky at hotmail.com
Wed Nov 22 15:29:14 PST 2006

(Pookie thanks for the event word fame and you are welcome at Chemin
Noir's table, camp , event whatever  anytime )

If Chemin Noir is hosting an event " I want to be there ! "
If Randall is Cooking at an event " I want to be there ! "
If Toriea is in charge of children's activities " I want to be there ! "

Before I went to the event MY Heart was lagging a bit. The reason I played 
MY Lady for some 15 years had passed away.  That which I had loved and 
enjoyed about the SCA seemed to have been the things from/of Our past. I 
found out at Chemin Noir's Event that the qualities of the SCA which had 
fueled MY DREAM for so long and so long ago... still exist!

What really reopened MY eyes to the SCA was how the event ~felt~.

In what might be considered The Olden Days circa A.S. XIII - XXI, events 
seemed like more intimate gatherings.
Sites were not a mile long and one could walk it many times without killing 
yourself twice.
It was a time when people had no need to be ostentatious and aloof. ~ 
It was a time when people would be respectful and caring. ~ Gallant.
Back in the days when one's heart would have the Breath of Inspiration in 
THE~DREAM fill one's very being, as was MY Heart by Baroness Kelandra at 
Feast of the Harvest.

In MY humble opinion Chemin Noir's event embodied the qualities Ansteorra 
had when She was young and fresh and I want to focus MY effort to rekindle 
the spirit of her youth.
Now Ansteorra is a Good and Dowager Kingdom in this Known World. She is 
living Her chosen paths and has claimed Her traditions based upon the Honor, 
Respect, Chivalry, Dedication, and Talents of Her subjects.
When Ansteorra was young and fresh I could feel the sparks of fellowship 
tingle throughout an event. I felt that again in Chevin Noir. It is 

Thank You again Chemin Noir for replenishing MY hope for and desire to 
participate in, the SCA.

Your Friend and Admirer,


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