[Northkeep] Chemin Noir: How Feast of the Harvest made ME feel

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  You bring shivers to me even when you aren't kissing my neck.  You below 
me away.


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> snip*
> (Pookie thanks for the event word fame and you are welcome at Chemin
> Noir's table, camp , event whatever  anytime )
> *
> If Chemin Noir is hosting an event " I want to be there ! "
> If Randall is Cooking at an event " I want to be there ! "
> If Toriea is in charge of children's activities " I want to be there ! "
> Before I went to the event MY Heart was lagging a bit. The reason I played
> MY Lady for some 15 years had passed away.  That which I had loved and
> enjoyed about the SCA seemed to have been the things from/of Our past. I
> found out at Chemin Noir's Event that the qualities of the SCA which had
> fueled MY DREAM for so long and so long ago... still exist!
> What really reopened MY eyes to the SCA was how the event ~felt~.
> In what might be considered The Olden Days circa A.S. XIII - XXI, events
> seemed like more intimate gatherings.
> Sites were not a mile long and one could walk it many times without 
> killing
> yourself twice.
> It was a time when people had no need to be ostentatious and aloof. ~
> Gregarious.
> It was a time when people would be respectful and caring. ~ Gallant.
> Back in the days when one's heart would have the Breath of Inspiration in
> THE~DREAM fill one's very being, as was MY Heart by Baroness Kelandra at
> Feast of the Harvest.
> In MY humble opinion Chemin Noir's event embodied the qualities Ansteorra
> had when She was young and fresh and I want to focus MY effort to rekindle
> the spirit of her youth.
> Now Ansteorra is a Good and Dowager Kingdom in this Known World. She is
> living Her chosen paths and has claimed Her traditions based upon the 
> Honor,
> Respect, Chivalry, Dedication, and Talents of Her subjects.
> When Ansteorra was young and fresh I could feel the sparks of fellowship
> tingle throughout an event. I felt that again in Chevin Noir. It is
> Thank You again Chemin Noir for replenishing MY hope for and desire to
> participate in, the SCA.
> Your Friend and Admirer,
> Pooky
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