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Carla ciana at cox.net
Wed Apr 25 12:25:04 PDT 2007

YEAH!! Thank you NORTHKEEP.....the Barony that beat us...they had more staff than any other group. So you guys did an amazing job!!! :)

and Ian my Brother, my Baron I'm sending you a private email.........LOL

---- Jerry and Teresa Herring <j.t.herring at sbcglobal.net> wrote:

Greetings Northkeep,
There are two announcements that I thought you might like to hear.

1. The new Northern Regional Seneschal has been named and it shall be our own Baron Ainar Magnusson. Congratulations to Ainar on his esteemed position.

2. The results of the volunteer hours from Gulf War have been tallied. Northkeep came in Second place. I should explain further; that is second place of any group from the Knowne World during the entire war! How awesome is that! NORTHKEEP ROCKS!

Our hard working people beat out every other group in Ansteorra and only one group from another kingdom did better; The Barony of Wyvernwood in Trimaris had slightly more hours. Northkeep had a total of four-hundred-forty-eight hours and forty-five minutes.

There were many people from Northkeep who contributed to this great achievement some who truly went above and beyond. Our own Honorable Lady Elizabetta contributed over seventy-five of those hours, Lady Cianna O'Hare contributed fifty-six, Baron Ainar Contributed fifty hours, and Baroness Mercedes contributed forty-eight. Our thanks to all who attended Gulf War and worked so very hard.

We are so very proud of all you have done and all you do.
Ian and Kelandra
Baron and Baroness
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Carla Glenn

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