[Northkeep] Two anouncements

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Our Apologies to Lady Ciana O'Hara for not properly spelling her name.

Ian Baron

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> Greetings Northkeep,
> There are two announcements that I thought you might like to hear.
> 1. The new Northern Regional Seneschal has been named and it shall be our 
> own Baron Ainar Magnusson. Congratulations to Ainar on his esteemed 
> position.
> 2. The results of the volunteer hours from Gulf War have been tallied. 
> Northkeep came in Second place. I should explain further; that is second 
> place of any group from the Knowne World during the entire war! How 
> awesome is that! NORTHKEEP ROCKS!
> Our hard working people beat out every other group in Ansteorra and only 
> one group from another kingdom did better; The Barony of Wyvernwood in 
> Trimaris had slightly more hours. Northkeep had a total of 
> four-hundred-forty-eight hours and forty-five minutes.
> There were many people from Northkeep who contributed to this great 
> achievement some who truly went above and beyond. Our own Honorable Lady 
> Elizabetta contributed over seventy-five of those hours, Lady Cianna 
> O'Hare contributed fifty-six, Baron Ainar Contributed fifty hours, and 
> Baroness Mercedes contributed forty-eight. Our thanks to all who attended 
> Gulf War and worked so very hard.
> We are so very proud of all you have done and all you do.
> Kindly,
> Ian and Kelandra
> Baron and Baroness
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