[Northkeep] Aoife Update

aoife at cableone.net aoife at cableone.net
Sat Jan 6 16:17:17 PST 2007

Greetings Good Gentles!

I, too, have better news. Last Sunday I was well on the way to reganing most of my 
strength back but on New Years Day evening a horrendous pain began in my shoulders, 
then across my chest.  I didn't need much encouragement from Fintan to see me off 
to the ER  this time!  It turned out thay they were 'expecting' this to happen-the 
pacemaker and my heart were just fine-it was healing nerve ends that were causing 
the pain. Pain pills were duly prescribed and dutifully taken for about 36 hrs then 
had to switch to Tylenol/Benedryl since the itch from the codeine became 
unbearable.  By this morning (Sat.) I was up to going to the library and thence to 
Wal-Mart for a haircut...the shopping I left to Fintan!!:)

It was with great sadness that I read the posts from others whose loved ones had 
passed on...and with joy for those who had recovered!  I'm sure it was the prayers 
of all of our friends who helped us through!

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