[Northkeep] Yay I made it

Chris Simon chainmansca at yahoo.com
Mon Jan 29 14:54:09 PST 2007

   I like to hork in my helm It's how I get my groove on got a bar grill helm just for that purpose. Besides can you think of a better way to scare them. Nothing says run away like barfing on someones pretty tunic.  Glad to be back you can thank spell checker for the capital letters.
  See you all at pop Tues.

zubeydah at northkeep.org wrote:   Quoting "Horn, Trisha D." :

> Welcome back, stranger. I see you've learned to use capital letters -
> mostly...
> Raghnailt

But has he learned to drink enough water at fighter practice to avoid horking 
in his helm? :P

Teasing, (Glad you're here, Aethelred!)


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