[Northkeep] Mantles and tabards

Jennifer Carlson talana1 at hotmail.com
Wed Jan 31 09:05:14 PST 2007

Just a couple of notes that might be useful:

If you get the Hancock's preferred customer newletter, NEVER throw it away 
without checking the coupons first.  I'm looking at mine right now, and it 
has a coupon for 40% off any one notion item up to $49.99.  WonderUnder is a 

There are other brands besides WonderUnder.  It doesn't matter which you 
get, but I recommend you buy the heavy duty stuff.  Trigger is polyester, so 
the glue web doesn't cling to it quite as well as it does to cottons.  If 
you're just doing an Ansteorran star, the medium weight is probably strong 
enough.  For the Centurion's eagle, I *have* to use the heavy duty kind.

When ironing it on, do NOT move the iron back and forth, or you'll distort 
the star's rays.  Trust me.  Bring the iron straight down, lift it straight 
up, move to another section, repeat.

I've already used this month's 40% off any fashion fabric item coupon to buy 
some of that Byzantine Gold trigger (building up my stash for Centurion's 
cloaks), so the Farm Shopping Center store doesn't have much left.  However, 
they can order stuff, so if you're going to need enough to make it worth 
purchasing a whole bolt, ask them.  You also might find a better deal on 

In most cases, those 40% off coupons on fabric are good whether you're 
buying a yard or a bolt.

In servicio,


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