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Morgan Blackdragon blackdragonmorgan at gmail.com
Wed Jan 31 09:37:42 PST 2007

Is there much difference between trigger and duck/canvas? I know they
are both heavier weight fabrics but is there any thing that makes one
better than the other?


On 1/31/07, Jennifer Carlson <talana1 at hotmail.com> wrote:
> Just a couple of notes that might be useful:
> If you get the Hancock's preferred customer newletter, NEVER throw it away
> without checking the coupons first.  I'm looking at mine right now, and it
> has a coupon for 40% off any one notion item up to $49.99.  WonderUnder is a
> notion.
> There are other brands besides WonderUnder.  It doesn't matter which you
> get, but I recommend you buy the heavy duty stuff.  Trigger is polyester, so
> the glue web doesn't cling to it quite as well as it does to cottons.  If
> you're just doing an Ansteorran star, the medium weight is probably strong
> enough.  For the Centurion's eagle, I *have* to use the heavy duty kind.
> When ironing it on, do NOT move the iron back and forth, or you'll distort
> the star's rays.  Trust me.  Bring the iron straight down, lift it straight
> up, move to another section, repeat.
> I've already used this month's 40% off any fashion fabric item coupon to buy
> some of that Byzantine Gold trigger (building up my stash for Centurion's
> cloaks), so the Farm Shopping Center store doesn't have much left.  However,
> they can order stuff, so if you're going to need enough to make it worth
> purchasing a whole bolt, ask them.  You also might find a better deal on
> line.
> In most cases, those 40% off coupons on fabric are good whether you're
> buying a yard or a bolt.
> In servicio,
> Talana
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