[Northkeep] Demo's and such

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You might check at a local game shop to see if there are any local Sci-Fi or
Game Conventions. Those used to be great places to recruit.


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Scottish Games might be an idea, especially considering the lineage of our
stellar Baron and Baroness!

Oktoberfest is an idea too, but it tends to be more "modern" than the Scots

I know Namron will be out in force at the MedFaire and several Northkeepers
(like m'self) head that way to join them in bouting and general faire food

- Lady GG

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>Possible Demo option at a school on March 4th. Anyone interested? I
>also called the Edge to see about a demo at Edgefest this year, but
>was shot down due to the fact that there will be NO edgefest this
>year! Buggar!
>So... if any of you have any thoughts or ideas on where you would like
>to do a demo, let me know. I am currently trying to line up a few
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