[Northkeep] Demo's and such

Sweet, Debby deborah.s.sweet at okstate.edu
Wed Jan 31 13:50:40 PST 2007

>Scottish Games might be an idea, especially considering the lineage of
>stellar Baron and Baroness!

Only if you want to miss Mooneschadowe's event! 

>You might check at a local game shop to see if there are any local
Sci-Fi or
>Game Conventions. Those used to be great places to recruit.

Conestoga 11, July 20-22, 2007 (with a mini-con of 1632 at it this

Of less usefullness, RPGA cons:
ABIScon Spring 2007, April 13-15.
BKConQueso will probably be around the third weekend of October - it has
been for the past several years.

Earlier, I went looking through a bunch of upcoming movies (up through
March 2007) and found several that are promising for demos / membership
/ our special interests / etc. 

Pathfinder - story of Norse boy abandoned in North America - don't get
too excited - from the trailer I saw it's probably as close to history
as Eragon is.
The Last Legion - fall of Rome
Mongol - Ghenghis Khan
Virgin Territory - Italian nobles - sounded like "The Decameron"
300 - story of Thermopoly (sp?)

Estrill, de-lurking

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